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Our Products & Services


Router / Compression bits predominantly for plastic and woodworking industries, this program also includes single flute end mills.

Explosion proof tooling:carbide burr end-mills and disks.

Other manufactured tools:  reamers, broaches, boring bars, engravers, milling and serration cutters.

Manufacturing Program

Materials:​ high-speed steel and solid carbide (all grades).

End Mills / Drills:standard pitch / variable pitch end mills and standard / high performance and g-drills including spotting, centering and step drills.

Multi-purpose tooling:  drill / mill, drill / c'sink, spot / center etc. 


Cutting​ tool manufacture,

Cutting tool regrind, 

Cutting tool design, 

Cutting tool repair and remanufacture,

Carbide Tipped Brazing,

Wire EDM services,

Specialty parts, gears and gauges,

​Explosion proof tooling.