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  • End mill program (micro grain carbide),
  • High performance drills (high speed steel and carbide; predominantly stub and screw sizes),
  • Spotting or Centering drills (high speed steel and solid carbide),
  • Multi purpose tooling (drill/mill, drill/c'sink, spot/center etc.),
  • ​Router bits,
  • Boring bars (high speed steel and carbide),
  • Engravers (solid carbide),
  • Milling and serration cutters (high speed steel, carbide).




... design, manufacture,

​regrind ...


  • Cutting tool design,
  • Cutting tool manufacturing [see below for more details],
  • Cutting tool regrind program,
  • Cutting tool repair and re-manufacturing services,
  • Carbide Tipped Brazing,
  • Wire EDM services,
  • ​Parts and gauges manufacturing,
  • ​Explosion proof tooling.
  • ​​We are a precision tooling manufacturer and service center.
  • We bring together world-class engineering and industry-leading experience to maximize your tool performance and productivity.​
  • Proven track record of tool Life Enhancement and productivity improvement
  • Our main focus is to provide manufacturing communities with the very best of tool making and servicing at competitive prices.